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Conference and Festival on Non-Latin Typefaces

Bangkok, 24–27 July 2013

Posted on February 2, 2014

Cherbuliez Productions
Southeast Asia




A string of shops shields a narrow soi and its 120- year old wooden town houses from the bustle of the daily textile market and the characteristic swarming nightly fruit and vegetable market. In this back alley lies the Bangkok hideaway of Cherbuliez Productions.

To Cherbuliez Productions, routine jobs are as alien as rigid attitudes. The production company does not pursue one model. For each task a separate team is assembled, bringing together knowledge of ethos and aesthetics and implements the work within the terms of particular surroundings. In this way, neither the commitment to the task nor the warmth in the working atmosphere gets lost. Cherbuliez Productions considers itself a partner, not only able to solve prob- lems but to build bridges between cultures. Despite institutionalized rules, which have been fostering contacts between civilizations from time immemorial, again and again we experience the shock that we are forced to put ourselves in rapport with what is contrary to what we are made of, with something we cannot integrate into the flow of our concrete life experience.

Those in search of a dialogue between generations, religions and cultures, working with an interdisciplinary approach, wishing to understand the richness of finding form in the working process, willing to encounter “the foreign” in a concrete issue, in short, those who sense the grace of mankind, find in Cherbuliez Productions an escort: a scout, a tracker, a prospector, an alchemist, a pioneer, encountering a fact in its evolved consistency in such a way that the difference appears clearly, that opaqueness and obdurate surfaces become transparent. In a playful way and by a radical form of thinking, culture is challenged.

Thus in the very instance of GRANSHAN 2013 in Bangkok was it possible to establish the intermediation of a completely unfamiliar concept and a complex group of themes, even through months of a terrible natural disaster and in a year of great social change. This achievement will again strengthen the confidence placed by wide circles in Cherbuliez Productions.

Thanks for the Photos to:

Ben Mitchell (left side up)

Jinny Wong (left side center)

Lars Harmsen (left side below)

Lars Harmsen (right side up)