Cherbuliez Productions was in charge of the “Contemporary Witness Project” of the Theodor Heuss Foundation. In collaboration with journalists Heinz Verfürth and Hans-Peter Föhrding (Berlin) and director of photography and filmdirector Georg Steinweh (Stuttgart), interviews with longterm members and companions of the Theodor Heuss Foundation, among them the founder Hildegard Hamm-Brücher, with chairs of the board of trustees, former Germany’s President Richard von Weizsäcker and Jutta Limbach, and board members Hermann Rudolf, Gesine Schwan and Hans-Jochen Vogel. The material will be published first on the website of the Theodor Heuss Foundation, followed by an image film and a book project.

Contemporary Witness Project of the
Theodor Heuss Foundation


Posted on November 1, 2010